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What are cookies?

"Cookies" are strings of text? small size sent from a server to a Web client (usually a browser) and then sent back by the client to the server (without change) each time the client logs on to the same portion of the same web domain. In other words, these are the tracks that each visitor / user leaves the web while navigating a web page.
In the case of "cookies durable" these tracks are stored in the internal memory of your computer or mobile device and, thanks to them, after a first visit to the site the system will be able to recognize in each subsequent visit that the user is already on that site.
If, instead, the "session cookie" information is not stored permanently on the user's computer or mobile device, but disappear with the end of each browsing session.
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Why do we use cookies? uses cookies on its website in order to analyze the access to web pages, customize the information, content and services and ensure visitors / users quality, trust and security.

Also, the site allows reject tracking cookies, but in this case could be prevented from using some features and customizations (for example, the possibility of adding a provision to the "favorites"). Recall that the "default" almost all web browsers are set to automatically accept the tracking cookie.
Visitors / users can still change the default configuration of your browser. As stated above, disabling or deleting cookies may, however, preclude the optimal use of some areas of the site

In any case, if the visitors / users want to decide each time whether to accept cookies, you can also configure your browser to generate a warning whenever a cookie is saved.
What types of cookies used ?

Cookie essential

These cookies are essential to allow you to browse the site and use all its functions. Without these cookies, which are absolutely necessary, we would not be able to provide certain services or functions and navigation on the site would not be smooth and easy as it should be.

Performance cookies

The performance cookie, also called analytics cookies, collect information about the use you make of the site and allow us to improve its functioning. For example, the performance cookie will show which pages are most frequently visited, the recurring patterns of use of the site and help us to understand any difficulties you encounter in the use of the site.

Cookie functionality

In some circumstances we may use cookies functionality. Cookies capabilities allow us to remember the choices you make on the site and / or services and which expressly request, in order to provide more advanced services and more personalized, such as add a fund to your "favorites" or customize a certain web page.

Flash Cookies

In some circumstances we could use Adobe Flash Player to deliver some content, such as video or animation. In order to improve your browsing experience, we use Local Shared Objects (more commonly known as "Flash cookies") to remember your settings and preferences. These cookies are stored on your computer or mobile device, but are managed through a different interface than the one provided by your browser. Therefore you can not manage Flash cookies with your browser, but you have access to the tools of management Flash directly from the website of Adobe ( The Adobe website provides comprehensive information on how to delete or disable Flash cookies. The Adobe website provides information on how to remove or disable Flash cookies (see It is recalled that limit and / or eliminate the use of this type of flash cookies can affect the functions available for applications based on Flash technology.

How to manage cookies?

You can refuse to accept cookies from this site at any time simply by selecting, on your browser, the settings that allow you to reject them. Below is a brief overview of the major browsers used:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox



Third Party Cookies

The site contains links to other Web sites that have their own privacy policy ?, these privacy policies may be different from that adopted by, then that is not responding to Third Party Sites.

Google Analytics

The site uses the tool Google Analytics is an analysis tool from Google that helps website owners and app to understand how visitors interact with the content they own. You can use a set of cookies to gather information and generate usage statistics website without personal identification of individual visitors from Google.
In addition to generating reports on usage statistics of websites, the tag pixels Google Analytics can be used, along with some advertising cookie described above, so that we can show results more relevant Google properties (like Google search) and across the Web.


Google Maps?

These cookies are used by Google to store preferences and user information each time they visit web pages containing geographical maps of Google Maps. These cookies contain sufficient information to allow tracking.
Read more about  Analytics cookies and privacy.? Add-on to disable Google Analytics??

Google Adwords

The site can also use the tool of advertising and Google Adwords remarketing. This tool allows you to advertise your site and ads tailored to users' visits to our site. Why some pages could include a defined code "Remarketing code".

This code allows you to read and configure the browser cookies to determine what type of ad will see, depending on the data you visit the site, such as for example the circuit chosen navigation, pages actually visited or the actions of all 'interior of the same.

Remarketing lists thus created are stored in a database server of Google in which you retain all cookie IDs associated with each list or interest category. The information obtained allow to identify only the browser, given that with this information Google is not able to identify the user.

For more information about the Remarketing with Google is possible to visit the page page

For more information on the Standards and Principles Google Privacy you can visit

The authorization for the collection and storage of data may be revoked at any time. The user can disable the use of cookies by Google by the specific setting options of the different browsers.

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Ads Preferences Manager

Provisions for the decommissioning of Behavioral Advertising


AddThis is the largest data platform and social infrastructure in the world. AddThis provides simple tools that allow users to share content and enjoy a personal relationship with the network, thereby generating more traffic in the same and intensifying relations and the exchange of data between those who publish on the Internet.
AddThis send cookie with the purpose of measuring and analyzing the potential users. This service also allows you to share articles of our website through social platforms. AddThis can transmit information to third parties if required by law or where such third parties process this information on behalf of AddThis. We have no control on the use of data by AddThis and / or third parties.
AddThis declares to comply with the Safe Harbor principles and said to be a member of the Safe Harbor program of the Department of Commerce of the United States, which implies the existence of an adequate level of protection for all personal information. Please read the privacy statement of AddThis (this statement is subject to frequent changes) to learn about the processing of data, including personal, processed through these cookies. Remember that AddThis may refer to various providers of social platforms, each of which has its own policy regarding confidentiality. AddThis is a permanent cookie. For more information


The site uses the video player JwPlayer. JW Player does not use cookies for video analysis, but cookies are used to track the volume of the player, the quality of the video and the captions on the current language?

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By using our website, you agree that these types of cookies may be installed on your computer or mobile device.?